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Have you heard about Minecraft? A lot of people in the world recently have been chatting about this new game. It’s been around for a few years and was developed by some classic European gamers, over at our northern neighbours in Sweden. Over the space of a year or so it has absolutely exploded in popularity. Mainly available as a PC game, it has now been ported across to consoles so that everyone can join in the fun. The game involves construction of objects by means of digging up precious resources. These include resources like soil, earth, mud, brick, lava, stone, diamond, gems and other various things. As you dig these things up you can then convert them into other items and start to construct things. For example, a beginner would find their footing by chopping down a tree with their bare hands. This is called “Tree punching”. Once you have the raw wood, you can create a workbench. Once you have built your workbench, you can then construct more complex objects. Wood can be broken down into planks. Planks can be broken down into sticks, and further on. More intricate details can be added to items. This process is known as ‘crafting’ in the game.

How does one get online?

In order to play you must find yourself on a randomly generated world. This world is hosted on a Minecraft server, which is essentially a big old computer located in a datacenter which hosts your game files and has a fast internet connection enabling you and your cronies to get online and play a game and build objects together.

For those who take the plunge and dive into it, you can then use your hosted server to control many of the aspects of your world. For example you can install plugins, change settings, and control the list of players who are allowed to come in and out. You don’t want Alffredo Flubberfingers coming in and dropping a big log down your beautifully presented stone house and unleashing some zombies into your living space! That would not be fun. So as the operator, you can control these intrusions.

The beautiful thing is the advanced play time, security, and enjoyment that you can obtain as a server owner and operator. If you are looking to buy a Minecraft server, then follow our suggestion, jump online and play until you drop!

Superhero T-shirts are popular with children and adults. Some of our favorite superheroes are from the DC and Marvel comic book series. Everything from Avengers and Batman to the Incredible Hulk and Wonder Woman are available on a wide variety of T-shirts. Graphic tees, bright colors, and fitted shirts can all be found with our favorite superheroes splashed across the front. Even though classic colors like red and blue are usually associated with Superman shirts, they can be found in an endless array of colors and styles. Shirts can be purchased in a variety of price ranges. There are thin cotton T-shirts on sale for as little as five dollars and high-end shirts made out of thicker material for fifty dollars and up. Most superhero T-shirts can be purchased in the twenty to thirty dollar range.portugal superman t-shirt

There are several clothing options besides T-shirts that are available featuring a variety of superheroes. Superman onesies are available for infants and toddlers in pretty pink. Hoodies, hats, and shorts with superhero logos and designs can be found online and in clothing shops. Just about anything a person can wear, including underwear, night shirts, and tennis shoes, can be purchased with a superhero on the item.

Certain characters that are currently popular are pretty much the same characters that have made the top five lists for dozens of years. Superman, Batman, and Spiderman have consistently been among the most popular superheroes for children and adults. The Hulk and Wonder Woman often round out the top five of the most popular superheroes. In recent years Ironman has become popular with kids as well. Some of the lesser known superheroes include Green Lantern, Aqua Man, and Thor. While many people are unfamiliar with some of these heroes, all it takes is an action-packed movie to bring them back into the public eye, and back on T-shirts and other apparel. All this and more is available at

The recent release of The Man of Steel and the upcoming release of Thor this coming November will only reinforce the public’s desire for superhero clothing. 2014 looks to be a banner year for superhero movies. Captain America, the Transformers, and another Spiderman movie are all currently scheduled to come out sometime in 2014. These movies will most likely create interest among current superhero fans while building a new base of fans. With each movie comes new T-shirt designs and specialty clothing.

fun icebreakersWhile gatherings of family members or friends can seem to be an easy-going, relaxing time where there is great conversation, what works in a family gathering may not work in boardrooms.

It is important that you know some fun ice breakers when you are with people in a professional environment because if you use the same conversations styles that work with friends and family, this could be considered unprofessional.

When attempting to begin conversations with coworkers and clients, you need to make adjustments to your style to fit an environment which is more professional.

This ensures an elevated discourse beyond conversation which is casual but not too formal as to make anyone feel inhibited. Remember that knowing fun ice breakers that work in one place don’t work in another and you will benefit from knowing how to begin conversing in different environments.

There are a few things you can keep in mind to begin conversations that are effective in business and work environments.

Activities after Hours

Many times, the most effortless method of starting to talk to clients and coworkers is to ask how their weekends went or what they did last night. These queries give them a break from having to think about work all the time and forge bonds on topics that are not about work.

Discussions of Overall Performance

Often, a great way of beginning conversations with co-workers is to discuss the general company performance. This will not just get you and your coworkers talking but you might even find things out you wouldn’t normally get to know otherwise. These types of fun ice breakers will give you and your coworkers a sense of camaraderie and teamwork as you discuss the fate of your company in general.

Saying Something Funny

You can attempt to diffuse the tension initially that occurs when meeting with clients who are important by telling a tasteful, funny joke. You can also relate a story that is amusing that happened to someone you know or to yourself.

Avoid making jokes about what you and your client are discussing at the moment. This could seem like you are not really taking business very seriously.

As a matter of fact, attempt to keep any icebreakers and fun ice breakers away from the topic of business since the point of beginning conversations is to get everyone’s thoughts away from the up and coming meeting for a moment and to momentarily get rid of any tension.

Ask: What are Your Thoughts on This?

There is a huge chance that you and your work mates have worked on unique, numerous products that would benefit from problem-solving or sharing data from a point of view that is new.

If you are stuck on one part of the project or are not certain, you might want to let them know since this is one of the best ways to begin fun ice breakers with your counterparts.

In addition, this gives your work partner a chance to share with you something they are worried about and ask for your advice.

Let’s learn about Quinoa.

The latest health food crazy to grip the villages and mainly the cities around Porto has been the wild seed called “Quinoa”. What are the benefits of quinoa? There are so many benefits it is almost not worthwhile for me to list them. From an anecdotal point of view you have the stories of thousands of people across the country reporting improved strength, vitality, energy, virility, and overall stamina from eating this wonder food. Quinoa is indeed considered one of the new ‘superfoods’ in our current culinary breakdown. This is because it has many of the enhanced positive health benefits you come to expect from an amazing food but also it has the additional benefit of being affordable, easy to prepare, and this is key — easy to digest. Many of the existing grains and legumes that are popular in our society are actually difficult for your digestion, and this is why we are seeing an increase of debilitating diseases affecting people across Portugal. Conditions like impetigo, stomach illness, constitution, gastrolation, irritation of the colon, constipation, and other problems that cannot be so easily solved.

Want to learn more about quinoa benefits?

To get a greater understanding of the quinoa crazy and what it means, visit quinoa benefits website which is a detailed account of one woman’s struggle to come to terms with the modern city lifestyle as a woman with a family, many children, and a demanding lifestyle. In order to do this she keeps a regular blog of her journal and thoughts. As well as recipes and information! Very useful indeed. Bom gusto.